Trento is a rare earth mining project allocated in the Cordillera de la Costa of northern Chile, in the third region of Atacama, 22 km northeast of the city of Copiapó. It has excellent access roads, 97% paved and 3% earthy roads in very good condition. Where the weather conditions are favorable throughout the year. And the best solar radiation being one of the highest in the world, according to reports issued by the United Nations.


The Trento mining project is strategically located in terms of obtaining energy and water resources. There are towers from the National Interconnected Network 1km away from the Trento lands. Connecting to the national interconnected system will have one of the lowest mining energy costs, due to the proximity, 80% less.

Figure 1. View looking southeast from Trento. In the background, the electric line of the national interconnected network.

Trento Mining Project has 1,400 hectares of mining concessions and flat surface land, in favorable conditions for the installation of any type of infrastructure. These plain terrains cover an area of 370 hectares. This terrain is dedicated to install a plant of clean energy, to supply Trento requirements and other customers’ needs.

Figure 2. Flat land available for infrastructure or power plants.

Trento “Energy Park” on our property is slated to be a 300 megawatt + project in total whereby Trento has full access to the substation grid connection distribution to the city state with grand multitude of megawatt demand.

WE Supergreen systems battery generators will be purchased, placed & provide power through Trento project infrastructure to surrounding neighboring mining companies in an off take PPA structured accord in place currently.

Trento believes with the implementation, use & showcase of the extraordinary WE Supergreen systems will not only allow independent clean power provision, but serve to be the game changer new way example in which all mining operations activity should run be powered in the future.

The first stage is a 50Mw park to be working by the end of 2023, and the second stage is reaching 300Mw of clean energy.

By the other hands, The Atacama region is one of the most important mining centers in Chile because it concentrates a great mining activity. A plant of clean energy in Trento will offer a good solution to the other mining companies in the area.

Figure 3. Schematic mining map of the distribution of mines in the Atacama Region.

The Trento Mining Project is strategically located very close to the most important mining centers in the commune of Copiapó and Tierra Amarilla. In addition, being close to a mineral treatment plant that consumes important energy flows.

Figure 4. Schematic map of the distribution of important mines close to Trento Mining Project.

In this list of companies (Figure 3 y 4), we can mention at least 9 mining projects with an average monthly consumption of 57,000 MWh. Beside this, Trento is 1km away from the “Sistema Interconectado Central”. The main power grid of Chile, and according the actual regulation of energy in Chile, all the companies which produce energy can sell it to the government trough this main grid. So, this is an excellent opportunity to seize the exceeds of the energy produced.

Among the possible consumers for this energy, we can find within 30kms from Trento, the following mines:

Candelaria: Avg consumption 64,000MWh per month

Owners: Lundin Mining Corporation (80%) and Sumitomo Corp. (20%).

Bio cobre: Avg consumption 58,000MWh per month

Punta del Cobre (Pucobre): Avg consumption 52,000MWh per month

Owners: Sociedad Punta del Cobre S.A.

Atacama Kozan: Avg consumption 56,000MWh per month

Owners: Sociedad Contractual Minera ATACAMA KOZAN

Mina Carola: Avg consumption 55,000MWh per month

Owners: Gupo Minero Carola-Coemin

Cerro Negro: Avg consumption 59,000MWh per month

Los Colorados: Avg consumption 52,000MWh per month

Owners: Compañía Minera del Pacífico (CMP) – CAP Group

Mantoverde: Avg consumption 60,000MWh per month

Owners: Mantos Cooper – Audley Mining Advisor Limited and Orion Mine Finance Group

Enami Paipote: Avg consumption 56,000MWh per month

Owners: Empresa Nacional de Minería